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Our Products:
we are providing customized components   


roller paint brush plastic handle and end cap Paint Roller Brush handle and end cap
led bulb housing and complete bulb
Plastic Led bulb 1/2 watt housing
roller for industrial use

Plasic Roller for slider gate, stopper, roller for sliding                          
battery terminal coverBattery Tterminal plastic covers

plastic corner for packing corner safety cover
Plastic corner for packing corner safety cover

Gland-for Electric safety turns or generators, metter etc
Safety corner for wooden board, ply wood glasses, books, paper corner safety

paint brush frame roller brush

Handle for roller Paint brush, handle paint for frame Plastic small clip for curtain, Display, hanging, sliding   Plastic Clip, Display Hanging clip, sliding clip, clothe hanging clips

plastic wheel 44mm,50mm,38mm,32mm
Plasting Sliding V-groove Wheel, 59mm, 32mm,38mm Pulley

plastic wheel for industrial use
Plastic Sliding V-groove wheel or Pulley for industrial use

rectangle cap breakts
cap for furniture Leg safety and support
knob-for-electronics-and-electrical control
Nylone wheel or pulley 88mm X 170MM

An ISO 13485:2016 Certified PPE Kits, MAsk Medical Plastic parts
Certificate No -CE-10202 Plastic medical Parts maufacturing copmany